TN: SQN Marauder

This is a funny wine as it always shows differently (much like the Ventriloquist and Lil E) so much as it shows amazing bottle variation. I’ll provide some notes on the pop and pour and will provide an update later on after it gets some air.

I’ve had some lighter versions of this wine that show somewhat simple yet fruit forward. This one is quite different. It’s throwing off a good bit of very fine sediment that just floats through the wine giving it almost a cloudy appearance. The aromatics are gamey with some notes of beef blood. It’s the most masculine showing for this wine yet with a firm tannic grip and a touch of dark wild berries. Ripe but almost a tad under ripe when compared to Manfred’s more recent wines. The fruit is lighter and tighter as well. I’ll give this a few hours to open up but in my experience, most SQNs with 10+ yrs show best in the first eight hours so hopefully it will open up and offer more fruit. I’ll refrain from scoring until later.

Doesnt sound all that different from the bottle I had recently…

My first impressions were correct. This wine just isn’t in the same league as many other SQNs. It turned flat after 24 hours and never rose to the occasion. Flabby, out of balance and unmemorable. (86-88)

now you tell me… hitsfan

What a shame. It was stunning upon release.

You had a better bottle than I on release. In fact, it’s the only time I had The Marauder, and found it to be the most disappointing wine I have had from SQN.

I’ve only had The Marauder once as well (dinner at Veritas); guess I got a good bottle. The only SQN I’ve been disappointed in at release was E-Raised (dinner at French Laundry).