TN: Some Very Nice Wines

Teaser! Coming up a little later (if I am not under the table)…dinner is in the oven and…

1993 Leflaive Batard, 1959 Jaboulet Cote Rotie Les Jumelles and…1976 Lopez Bosconia Gran Reserva 1976…VERY NICE!

I’m trying to curtail my drinking with diner and here is someone knocking back 3 bottles, hopes there is company.

I gotta come visit the store :slight_smile:

Ooo cant wait to hear about the Heredia!

if the bottle is correct, the 93 leflaive batard should be sublime.


Come on down Drew…three by myself…no way…one friend and the wife will have a glass.

But the same glass! They share.

That wine can be brilliant, but I have had cursed piss all luck with cooked bottles. I’ve got one from Rare Wine Co which came straight from the Bodega, so I have high hopes. Still a baby though.


Alrighty…here is the scoop:

1993 Leflaive Batard - This was a “holy shit” bottle! Premox…not even close. If anything, this bottle was still too young. The color a sparkling light gold and I knew right away it was going to be killer. A little tight still and it took about 30 minutes to blossom. Gorgeous notes of butterscotch, honey and a light touch of oak. Fat, but with good acidity, focus and lingering finish. Classy juice and not far behind the great 1993 Chevy. Fairly awesome juice.

1976 Lopez Bosconia Gran Reserva 1976 - All I can say is that the other three six packs I have are off inventory and into my cellar! This wine is ridiculously good. Straight from Bodega Lopez, it is all there and more. Very mild orange rim and a fabulous, soaring bouquet of roses, a little tar, wild cherries and herbs. Impeccable balance, bright acidity, wonderful purity of fruit and a long, striking finish. I can’t think of many other mature wines (with plenty of life still) that would be better than this at current prices. Anyone who loves classic Rioja (and Burgundy) should have this in the cellar. Outstanding ++

1959 Guigal Cote Rotie Les Jumelles 1959 - This is my third bottle of this wine this year and it remains one of the greatest wines I’ve ever had. These bottles have resurfaced when Jaboulet sold and a few cases were put on the market. As expected, most people flocked to the 1961 and the 1959 took a back seat. Make no mistake, the 1959 is the better wine. As a suggestion, for anyone willing to spend $500-600 on a bottle of legendary Cote Rotie, if you ever see these…buy them (no I don’t have any to sell). These particular bottles, because of provenance are in spectacular shape. The color is still fairly deep and youthful…then you stick your nose in the glass…and you’re in Syrah heaven. The bacon, tar, jasmine, white pepper, wild animal like aromas are just intoxicating. I could just smell this all night without taking a sip and I’d be perfectly happy. On the palate, there is just so much happening that you really need to chew on it for a few seconds to take it all in. Full bodied but so ethereal with not a hint of heaviness, absolutely impeccable balance and a two minute, incredible finish. Simply legendary, spectacular wine.

A couple of glasses of water now, little TV and night-night…

My favorite white Burg vintage of the 90’s. I also had a “holy shit” experience with Josh at Cru some years ago with a '93 Bienvenue from Carillon. And recently a '93 Ramonet Batard was bat-shit good.

That Guigal Jumelles sounds amazing!

Love Carillon’s 1993s. It does amaze me that even with all the premox fears out there, these wines are still so damn expensive. It is obvious that most are still willing to take some risks to find a great bottle of white Burg.

I have never heard of a pre-moxed bottle of Leflaive or Carillon. Their prices I think will go up as their hit rate is non-existent to extremely low. As they are White Burg as we remember and that is a rarity and we will pay for it. So the Burgundians mistakes will make a few estates skyrocket in price.

00 Combettes.

"12/15/2007: Somewhat darker colour and an oily presence on the palate. Nice acids, fruit drawn. Slightly oxidized notes. Not balanced. "

Not shot, but over-mature for certain.


Good to know.

The 76 Bosconia GR is a magnificent bottle of wine. I’ve had it 4 or 5 times now, just great, each time it has slowly put on weight over several hours. Great sweet fruit, great lift and aromatics of baking spices and flowers, great acidic cut… Mmmmm might have to crack one open again soon!

1993 Leflaives are classics.


I have had many premox Carillons. They are a big offender in my opinion.

Got a '64 and '81 on deck for next week. Hard to stay away from these babies!

You got me. Bought a bottle of the 1976 today. Will hold off drinking for a special occasion. Do you thinkk it will keep for another 2-3 years or should it be consumed sooner?


It is young. Very young.

The '54 was drinking well a couple yrs ago. The 68 and 70 are still on the early side of their drinking window.

That '76 will easily go another 20+.

Don’t underestimate how long these wines last.


You snuck that one by me Clemente :slight_smile:. I forgot that I had it on my website and I was going to take it off and keep the rest for myself. Then I bought the last three six packs from the wholesaler and I left it there. Now I have 23 bottles in my cellar and I feel very warm and fuzzy about it.

That wine, in this kind of condition, will keep easily for another 15+ years. But it is a treat to drink now so don’t be shy.