TN: Some different wines with friends

SOME DIFFERENT WINES WITH FRIENDS - Sharon and Sashi’s (2/22/2014#

Last night my wife and I ventured across town to have dinner with two very good friends of ours. Sharon made #most of ) the food and we brought (most of) the wine. There were three other people present. It was a great evening of fun, great conversation, awesome food and some interesting wines. Thanks so much to Sharon and Sashi for inviting us.
Just standing around drinking:

  • NV L. Mawby Talismon - USA, Michigan, Leelanau Peninsula
    Very nice. Light golden in color with smallish bubbles. The nose has ginger, strawberries, slightly oxidized with a bitter component. All in all, quite nice and with depth. On the palate, nice acidity. Some complexity. This bottle purchased in 2011 is starting to show some age though. (90 pts.)

With spicy roasted vegetable soup:

  • 2005 Domaine du Vissoux / Pierre-Marie Chermette Beaujolais Vieilles Vignes Cuvée Traditionnelle - France, Burgundy, Beaujolais
    Corked. Too bad as I wanted to show what a 9 year old Beaujolais can taste like. My wife wanted to know if I could return the bottle. The store I bought it from has since been sold. I don’t have the cajones to return a 9 year old Beaujolais, purchased for $15 on release, to a new owner, because the bottle is off. Although, it might be fun to see the reaction. NR (flawed)
  • 2009 Moris Farms Avvoltore Maremma Toscana IGT - Italy, Tuscany, Maremma, Maremma Toscana IGT
    One of my favorite names for an Italian winery. Sounds like it should be in Iowa. Great wine though still quite young. A bit drunk at the end of the evening was far more complex. Purple in color. This is a Cab/Sangiovese blend. The nose has dark cherries, leather, cassis, cedar and some forest floor. Full bodied. On the palate, great acidity. dark cherries at first with the cassis coming out with air. Complex. Full bodied. Lovely wine that needs time. (93 pts.)

With Kale and roasted Pear salad:

  • 2002 Domaine des Baumard Savennières - France, Loire Valley, Anjou-Saumur, Savennières
    I was quite worried about this one with all of the bad bottles reported. Luckily, the bottle was pristine (purchased on release). Very light golden in color. The nose has pears, lemons, wax and sea air. Complex and delightful. Medium to full bodied. On the palate, this is bone dry with citrus, pears, and chalk. Silky texture. Layered complexity. Exactly wine the hoped it would be. (92 pts.)

Roasted cauliflower and cracked tomatoes:

  • 2004 Marcel Deiss Grasberg - France, Alsace, Alsace AOC
    Really drinking well right now. The Riesling in the blend seems to be more at the forefront now. Golden in color. The nose has tangerines, apricots, petrol, floral notes, and minerals. Slightly oily texture. Full bodied. Layered complexity, seems like it is getting close to peak but still with vibrant fruit. Slightly flabby but within reason. Long finish. Easy to drink. (93 pts.)

With Tofu and spinach stuffed eggplant with a vegan bolognaise:

  • 2011 Carlisle Zinfandel Carlisle Vineyard - USA, California, Sonoma County, Russian River Valley
    Man did Mike kick it in 2011 IMO. I just love the texture and the balance on the wines. Tons of fruit, but keeps from being over the top (we are talking Zin). This one is purple in color. Gorgeous nose of raspberries, leather, bramble and just a hint of candy. Full bodied. Lush texture. No heat. The wine is gone in an instant. Raspberries, black raspberries, slight hint of ripe sweet fruit. Long finish. Another amazing wine. (94 pts.)
  • 2011 SonkinCellars Persona - USA, California, Central Coast, Santa Barbara County
    Always fun to share this wine with friends. Pop and pour, it took some swirling to open up. I think an hour in the decanter is about right now.

With carrot cake, fruit and some dark chocolate:

  • 2007 Joh. Jos. Prüm Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling Auslese - Germany, Mosel Saar Ruwer
    In a good place although youthful. Light gold in color. The nose has lemon peel, minerals and slight petrol notes. No sulfur left on this. Slightly sweet and in fact, I liked that it was not as sweet as expected. Nice citrus fruit. Great full texture. Long finish. I would prefer a bit more acidity. (92 pts.)
  • 2010 Newton Cabernet Sauvignon (Red Label) - USA, California, Napa Valley
    One more opened late. Purple/ruby in color. The nose has cherries, cedar, burnt sugar and some chocolate. Full bodied. On the palate, a bit of oak/cedar, dark cherries. Nice smooth finish. Nice wine. (88 pts.)

It was also great to meet David, Jennifer and Kathleen. Hope to see everyone soon.
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Even at 9 years of age, I’d still take the corked bottle back for a refund (if it’s convenient). The new shop owner won’t have to eat it. He returns it to the distributor who charges back the winery.

What I don’t understand is why we as wineries don’t charge the cork suppliers, after all, it is their faulty product!

Peter Rosback


We just had Tuck Beckstoffer in town and this question came up. He mentioned that he switched cork distributors a while back because the original supplier had a %100 money back guarantee and did not honor it.
He states that he puts the sole responsibility on the cork producer and he’s never had to bill his new one back, but would if the wine was corked.

Yes, unfortunately the cork industry has a long history of lying. I had one supplier that claimed 99.9% taint-free corks! The international rep (for Ganau) came up to my table at ZAP one time right after I opened two bottles in a row that were corked. He did not look happy. Life rarely works out this well!

Peter Rosback


My 2002 Baumards have all been good (regular Savennières and Papillon). I drank one of each last year and they were both excellent. The Papillon started to channel white Burgundy after an hour or so. I think 10-14 years is a great time for these wines.

I just had a 1999 Papillon and it had some sherry character. A few years ago they were great and completely without oxidation… not sure if that is the wine in general or just this bottle.