All winter I didn’t drink a single big wine out of my collection and a heat wave hits and I suddenly find myself craving Vin Santos and California Cabernets. Go figure. Well this one has been aging patiently almost since when I first became a Berserker so time to crack it open:


SUMMARY: Very smooth and restrained California Cabernet that has the right amount of age on it. Perfect for those who don’t enjoy big jammy wines but might be too restrained for those that do.

Deep opaque crimson in the glass with only the tiniest hint of translucence. Texture is superb, with fully integrated tannins and a complete lack of grit. On the palate, well-balanced blackberry and plum flavors accented by black pepper spice and a bit of herbaciousness. Not a fruit bomb and not jammy in the least.

Very well restrained for a Cali Cab. This means it’s either perfect for those who don’t like big red fruit bombs or not big enough for those who do and might find it a little watery for lack of a better term. Keep in mind, this is still a Cali Cab. It’s got density and power and you’ll never confuse it for a Pinot Noir. It’s just got nice control over that power.

Put it this way: it’s another heat wave here and I’m thoroughly enjoying drinking this. I don’t think you could say that about many red wines at all, let alone a Cali Cab. I actually wish I’d shared it with people to get other opinions on it. Still, I’m quite happy to enjoy and finish off the bottle by my lonesome.