TN: Six wines


2007 Ameztoi, Getariako Txakolina:
Fizzy, 10.5% alcohol from the Basque region of Spain; akin to Cava but having a more mineral backbone, less bubbles and very dry fruit flavors. A starter wine but pretty good with assorted cheeses. Thirst quenching.

2005 Pépière, Muscadet Granite de Clisson:
The longer this spends in bottle the more defined and precise it gets. Still, plenty of flesh and depth with an individual character that is at once unique yet of its place, perfect balance, concentrated and quite integrated even with its remarkable complexity. Crisp, cool and captivating; one of the finest white wines in the world. $20 on release and about 12.5% alcohol.


2000 Thomas, Pinot Noir:
Bright and almost spritzy at first but it evolves to reveal a nicely balanced, very Oregon pinot. Some depth and complexity; a bit of cola. I’m a little suspect of this bottle as there was some leakage at the cork.

2006 Priarius, Pinot Noir:
From Oregon at about 13.5% alcohol this is pale and translucent; light scents of raspberry and spice with a touch of dark fruit; elegant but dense in the mouth with finesse and lovely varietal character, well balanced; long finish that emphasizes the dark fruit notes. A pretty, little wine for about $14.

2008 Castle Rock, Pinot Noir Willamette Valley:
Smells pretty generic; tastes OK but it has a swath of chalky tannins that overwhelms the mouth – I think this is wood tannin but wherever its from, its unpleasant. A couple of sips was all I could handle. 13.5% alcohol and about $12. Pass.

2005 Philippe Faury, St. Joseph:
Really pretty wine; alluring aromatics of purple fruit and leather; much the same in the mouth with excellent balance and a degree of finesse that makes this such a joy; long, fruit filled finish. A wine to compare other syrahs to. 12.8% alcohol and about $25. Superb!

Best, Jim

Thanks for the notes, Jim, and good news on the Faury - Melissa & I have 6 of them sitting around. Sound like it’s time to pop a couple!