TN: Sinean, Anthill, Jaffurs (4th of July)

4thof July
2008 Sineann Sauvignon Blanc Columbia Valley
Glass stopper. Light golden/green in color. The nose is very nice, slightly sweet with grapefruits and minerals. Medium bodied. On the palate, this is also slightly sweet with ripe grapefruit notes. This wine is clean and interesting. Nice start to the afternoon. 50+3+12+17+7=89

2007 Anthill Farms Pinot Noir Anderson Valley.

Ruby in color, slightly cloudy but bright. The nose is earthy with cherries. Full bodied. On the palate, this is earthy with just a touch of cherry fruit. Not over blown at all. I like this style of Pinot, it has layers of damp forest floor and cherries. Drinks well now, but seems like a few more years would be beneficial. Nice finish. 50+3+13+117+7=90

2006 Jaffurs Syrah Verna’s Vineyard
My first of a case. A sentimental wine as my kids “helped” with punch down of this wine at the winery a couple of times. Purple in color, opaque and bright. The nose is big with black raspberries, iodine, grilled meat and black pepper. On the palate, this is big and tight but has a lot going on under its powerful exterior. Need a few more years but it was fun right now. 50+4+14+18+8=94

My first bottle from Jaffurs was the 2006 Verna’s and completely agree with you. My wife loved it even more. We already bought the 2007 (futures) as well as the 2007 Bien Nacido.

From what I have heard (from those who barrel tasted), the 07’s are even better. I can’t wait. These wines defnitiely improve with some bottle age though.

I’ve tasted several of the Jaffurs '07s and they are great. I thought the Bien Nacido was a bit better than the Verna’s but also love their Petite Sirah. One of the best made these days.

Great minds think alike. I also popped the '06 Verna’s on the 4th. Totally agree on the note.

Also opened '06 Carlisle and DuMol RRV syrahs. Both very classy cool climate syrahs, nicely balanced.

How are the 06 Carlisle’s drinking? I have been holding off.

Loren, I love your notes, I really do, but the more you post on Jaffurs, the more of my bottles I open. Especially the Verna’s, which has been my favorite vineyard of their’s for a while now.

I still quite a few of the 2004’s left and they are just outstanding.

agree on the Vernas… very big and tight right now

I, too, like your reviews! Very nice Independence Day wines. The 2006 Anthill Anderson Valley - Pretty much spot on. I recall a nice acidity as well the earthiness (tasted in March 2009).

Take it with a grain of salt, as it was the last wine opened, but it wasn’t in a “too young” place, imo. Tannins were smooth and the wine was well-balanced. Time will be kind to it, I think, but if you have a few, opening one wouldn’t be a crime.