TN: Silver Thread Finger Lake Dry Riesling 2021

Being new to wine and trying as much as I can. Trying out all the different finger lake Rieslings have been a great source of learning, I found this wine at my local shop after I saw a recommendation of it in the 6th edition of the World Atlas of Wine (picked it up at a used university book store, what a great find!!!). This is definitely a great acidic food wine when served at the right temperature!

2021 Silver Thread Finger Lake Dry Riesling: Popped open before refrigeration and directly after buying the bottle… I was a little disappointed initially since I was expecting razor like acidity and minerality. Directly after opening the aromas of melon and flowers were there but were muted. After 2 hours in the fridge, the aromas really opened up (not sure if it was because of the opened bottle or the change in temperature), however there are explosive aromas of flowers with honeydew melon and a hint of honey (I think it’s honey but am not sure…). The same aromas are observed for the palate. It is a full to medium light body wine (I am thinking probably because of the sugar content 6.7 g/l). What really stands out on the palate is the great long lasting acidity that isn’t too astringent. Great food wine.

I guess temperature really does matter!!!


I don’t think anyone in the Finger Lakes is producing better Riesling that Silver Thread. Their single vineyard Rieslings are stunning -

I agree their dry Riesling is pretty good (as well as the Red Newt Dry Riesling). I haven’t had the opportunity to try their single vineyard Riesling from Silver Thread but the Ravines Argetsinger Riesling is quite amazing! So far the 2017 has been the best I have tired, especially since I enjoy strong mineral flavors.