TN: Siduri PinotNoir BeranVnyd/OR '06..(short/boring)

After CharlesSmith let me down, I tried:

  1. Siduri PinotNoir BeranVnyd/WillametteVlly/OR (14.1%) 2006: Med.light color w/ slight bricking; rather toasty/pencilly/classic Siduri/oak some earthy/walnutty strong cherry/black cherry/PN/spicy somewhat complex/perfumed lovely nose; fairly tart toasty/pencilly/smokey/Siduri oak light walnutty/earthy strong spicy/cherry/PN rather smokey complex flavor w/ light/smooth tannins; med.long tart/bit lean strong smokey/pencilly/Siduri oak bit earthy/walnutty/OR PN finish w/ light tannins; fully mature and nice balance between bright fruit and secondary characteristics; quite a lovely middle-weight OR PN.

A wee BP:

Thanks for the note. I’ve started to finish up my 06 Oregon pinot. 14.1% is pretty low for an 06 IIRC. Tough vintage for Oregon to show their best/uniqueness. Nice to hear this had successfully developed secondary characteristics.

That is a new vineyard name for me as well.