TN: Selbach Kabinett - Piesporter Michelsberg 2007

Absolutely great wine for sipping and eating some fruits. Had it with sliced assorted fruits, some soft cheeses, and it was wonderful. There is some nice sweetness to the wine, more than I expected in a kabinett, but just right. And the price about $10.

I found this in a 1 liter bottle in L.A. on our last trip down. flirtysmile


Have one in the fridge for tomorrow.

are you still seeing lots of 07 Rieslings coming out or have most producers moved on to 08? I just can’t get enough of the 07’s. To me, they have it all. How have the 08’s you have tasted compared to 07 from the same producers?


I have not tasted many 2008s yet although prices are out.

Since prices are out, I would suspect to see some “dumps” on leftover stocks of 2007s at the wholesale level. It appears to happen nearly every vintage. German/Alsatian wines just do not sell well in the marketplace. Great QPR, but unchartered territory for 99.9% of the wine buying public.

I hit the Skurnik Tasting in June so I tasted Terry’s stuff. Still pushing some 07’s, but the 08’s are a little riper and more sexy for early term drinking. You will likely see some 07’s closed out eventually but I think it’s a bit early. I picked up a couple of 06 closeouts this summer that were screaming deals.

Oops, forgot… I agree as well this is an awesome deal. They are trying to keep the “Selbach Oster” stuff only owned vineyards now IIRC, the “Selbach” line is sourced fruit…