TN: Schafer Frohlich Eiswein Riesling Goldkapsel Auction 2004

As with any awesome eiswein, the experience began with anticipation watching liquid gold pour from the bottle. At first taste, the perfect amount of acid pinches the tongue and carries stone fruit and caramel notes across the finish line. Luxuriously viscous. Fantastic. Big thank you to Alan Weinberg.

Thanks for the note.
It surprises me that Tim Fröhlich sent a non vineyard Eiswein to Versteigerung. Could anyone help me?

Bockenauer Felseneck.
Loads of apricot, I found the acidity a bit lacking. Nice to try, though, not a 50 year wine.

I love wines like this to serve to Canadian friends who think they are the new kings of Eiswein. [training.gif]