TN: Saint-Aubin En Remilly 2009 Hubert Lamy

En Remilly, to my palate is probably the best 1er Cru in Saint-Aubin and this is a very good example.

On the nose I would guess a really nice Chassagne with nice notes of citrus, apricot, and some expressive vanilla oak. On the palate this has more acidity and minerality than you would expect, based upon the nose. Really bright and even somewhat elegant, this bottle has great feel on the palate, and balances it’s rich flavors with nice acidity and a long finish.

A nice bottle of Saint-Aubin!!!

One of the very best from this area.

Perennially good.

I had a 2006 last week. Really classy and no sign of any flab. I can imagine the 09 would be really nice.

Unfortunately $69 here in Honolulu. Seems a bit rich for my wallet.

$99 for a magnum. At that price I can open for a group who like white Burgundy and not worry about, “It’s just a baby, wait xxx years”!

And a bit saved over night was maybe even a tad bit better. But I still was glad to drink this youngster.

Great wine Dan. If you ever see the ‘09 Derriere Chez Edouard Cuvee Haute Densite’ grab it, absolutely stunning juice!

I love the Chateniere and Macherelles as well; harder to find it seems, but well worth the search.
I think that it is useful to set aside one’s bias about St Aubin when dealing with Olivier’s wines and prices. They are truly good enough to merit consideration along the noblest white 1ers of the Cote, regardless of village. In that context, $69 ain’t so crazy.
I’m visiting on the 13th, and will report back with some impressions of the 2011s.

H. Lamy used to be my go-to producer in St. Aubin. I still own 2 bs of his 2001- CdChateniere…

Since vintage 2007, for St. Aubin whites, I switch to Domaine Henri Prudhon because of the price and also the purity and refinement. I believe his family is now the mayor of St. Aubin.

If you are able to find Dom. H.Prudhon – P-M Les Enseigneres ( just below BM )…buy it. It is unbelievably pure and refine.

I love both houses, Lamy and Prudhon, and their very different styles. The 07 Prudhon 1er white wines are just now hitting the American market, as Rosenthal has them hold back his allocation for a few years(!). They are indeed well worth seeking out.

Robert…right on [drinkers.gif]