TN: Rockford Basket Press Shiraz 2004

Rockford Basket Press Shiraz 2004

Intense and seductive nose that you can sniff a long time - deep and hard to unravel but still very lively - strawberries, wine gums and hints of icing sugar keep it fresh and interesting. On the palate it’s classic Rockford - not a heavy weight at all but full of class, plums, cola, turkish delight. It’s very long in a fine and fragrant way rather than trying to overpower you with oak tannin and alcohol , finishes savoury and is simply a lovely wine. No word of warning other than it’s a 2004, the tannins are built to last and consequently do what I couldn’t - leave it alone. Come back in 2015 …

I am getting slightly blase about shiraz but this wine seriously rocks, if you can find any.

Cheers - Jay

Dear Jay,
Thanks for the note, you are spot on that this is a down right lovely wine.
Luckily its on the list at my golf club and it goes down even better with 18 holes before it.


Great to see you posting!

I wish I could get 2004 Rockford Basket Press, but GP ruined that relationship with the US!

Thanks Dan,
Ed Cellars have historically got a big allocation" onclick=";return false;
I buy a lot of wine state side but I don’t know if any one shipping it back anymore?
Those 95 Brunel Cuvee Cent’s I got from you Dan arrived the other day and I am getting twitchie with the cork screw