TN: Ridge Zin PaganiRanch '15...(short/boring)

Tried last night from my recent Z-List shipment:

  1. Ridge Zin PaganiRanch SonomaVlly (83% Zin/10% AlicanteBouschet/7% PS; 15.0%; bttld April 2017;
    Drk: 2/17-2/27-2/29: EB) 2015
    : Very dark/near blacl color; very intense boysenberry/blackberry/Zin/chocolaty/licorice quite dusty/OV rather sauvage/earthy/rustic very light smokey/Am.oak/toasty complex classiv Pagani nose w/ lots of deep bass notes; lightly tart/tangy very intense ripe/boysenberry/blackberry/Zin/very spicy bit chocolaty/licorice quite dusty/OV rather rustic/earthy/sauvage slight alcoholic beautiful complex flavor w/ ample ripe/smooth tannins; very long/lingering lightly tart mouthfilling/lush very intense boysenberry/ripe Zin/blaclberry/licorice light smokey/Am.oak/toasty quite dusty/OV structured bit earthy/rustic finish w/ some ripe/smooth tannins; a beautiful expression of Pagani. $36.00 (Z-List)

A wee BP:

  1. I was pretty blown away by this wine. One of the best young Paganis I can recall. Though the emphasis is on ripe boysenberry fruit, it has plenty of acid and avoids straying into overripe territory and carries its alcohol well. Reminds a bit in richness and texture some of the Dusi Zins, but more structure and more dusty/OV character. A stunning Pagani. I’m going back for more.

Thanks for the TN, Tom!!

It appears that the Zin-based wines from Ridge are becoming more and more accessible in their youth.

Sounds like I’ll be grabbing some.

Sounds great. Ridge really did an amazing job with their 2015 line-up.

I bought 1/2 case of 03 Pagani for a good price at auction. Opened 4 so far and they have all been over-the hill- pruney with heat and no balance. Not sure if it was storage or just not one to hold on to.

Sorry Ian to hear about the 03 Pagani. A few months ago I opened a 2010 Ridge Paso Robles zin, received directly from Ridge at release, and it was not drinkable. Even though I would expect the Paso to die first I was a little surprised since I would expect a Pagani or York Creek and certainly a Lytton Springs to still be fine.

Anyone else have experience with older Pagani?

Makes me marvel at how good 10+ year old Gyserville can be.

Thanks for the note.

I have pretty much stopped buying Ridge Zins, sticking to the Geyserville.