TN: Quady Elysium BlackMuscat '84...(short/boring)

Tried this w/ dessert & friends on Thurs:

  1. Quady Elysium BlackMuscat Calif Sweet Dessert Wine (CortiBros Slctns; 15%) Madera 1984: Very dark some browning color; very intense black muscat/muscatty/hair oil very floral/lilacs/violets some alcoholic/fumey some complex very perfumed nose; soft rather alcoholic/fumey very intense black muscat/muscatty/hair oil quite sweet very floral/aromatic/lilacs bit complex flavor w/ little tannins; very long very sweet bit alcoholic/fumey intense black muscat/muscatty/floral/lilacs finish w/ light smooth tannins; dominated by the intense black muscat fruit & a bit alcoholic & showing little evolution; reminds a lot of the old Novitiate of LosGatos Black Muscat but not as aged in the nose; still seems pretty youthful & primary.

A wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. I have, of course, followed AndyQuady from the very start. I first met him at Darrell’s store when he worked for EastSideWnry and getting ready to launch QuadyWnry.
    This wine is black muscat juice that is immediately fortified w/ neutral grape spirts to stop the fermentation…an Angelica.
    I liked this wine quite a lot, especially w/ the cherry/chocolate pound cake; but 32 yrs of age and not really developed into some really interesting or profound. Seems no reason to age these wines. One mor btl left that I’ll hold for another 30 yrs.

I believe I’ve one bottle of it’s inaugural release. (Also one of the Orange Muscat) I guess I’ll hold onto it for another 30 years as well!

According to Darrell, this was a special lot that Andy made & he liked it so much that he bought the
entire lot. As for the size of the “lot”…don’t have a clue. I presume one barrel.