TN: Pico Madama 2005

About 6 months ago my friend gave me a heads up on this wine for the supposed QPR. I gave it a shot since I am a fan of Mourvedre and a big fan of Petit Verdot, what did I have to lose? I opened one bottle right away and it was very tasty, drinking pretty well with a black fruit profile. This was a while ago so I don’t have the bottle number or anything.
In light of the other thread I figured i would pop the cork to see what was going on since I remember thinking mine was good, I don’t do points but 94 would seem too high, and i wouldn’t label it as undrinkable.
It poured very dark purple with a pretty expressive nose, showing some oak and mocha with black cherry. Pretty good start so far. On the palate it was medium weight and honestly a touch hollow with pretty elegant fruit and structure and a decent finish. Not terribly complex, but the people I was drinking it with tonight all enjoyed it.
This bottle was not as good as the first, but it wasn’t pure crap.
Bottle #1758 of 44,000 Lot L-8119
Also drank a Knapp Riesling, Bravante Simpatico, Dogfish Head 120 IPA 2003, Dogfish Head 120 IPA 2009, and a couple other bottles. All tasted after the Pico Madama to give it a fair chance.
Overall it was a good wine, not great, definitely not 94 points, no real “wow” factor. But drinkable, not exciting.

your experience is better than mine. i picked some up at costco a couple months back and the bottle i had was not good. pruney thin hot disjointed. i was like wtf, maybe costco had swapped the shelf talkers with something else?

That’s pretty much what I thought when I drank the first of mine. Drinkable, but no wow. The real shame is it’s certainly no 94 point wine.

I had a customer pop one last week and email me a TN. He liked it, Said it was pretty tasty and put it at a 90-91. I have no idea how he rates wines, but he did say he liked it.

so the pico wasnt as affected as the sierra carche? not as much chatter about it. i dont own any or the sierra carche so i cant comment on that one.

Seeing as you are in MD I could share some with you.

I found this on the other board.
Gary Vaynerchuck’s tasting of Sierra Carche’s sister wine - Pico Madama - is pretty interesting…

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actually it’s pretty hilarious as only he can be.

Have you tried it yet? I am curious, but wouldn’t spend money to try it. I live in Columbia, where are you? Maybe a WB offline?

Have you had the Pico Madama?

I have not tried the Sierra Carche, my “records” show that I have some, somewhere, though. I have tried the Pico Madama. Didn’t hate, but it was not 94 points. It was outshone that night by what turned out to be a really good bottle of '05 Mollydooker Enchanted Path.

I live quite close to Columbia. Maybe we should put together a “tasting” of over rated JM wines, or is that like shooting proverbial fish in a barrel?