TN: Peter Dipoli Fihl 2004 (Italy, Trentino-Alto Adige)

Sage and tobacco as palate entry. Ample fruit, emphasizing earth instead of sugary sweetness. Slightest oak, with scant appeal to beavers or woodchucks. Nose of fruit extract, but absent of jammy profile… Low alcohol, posing zero threat to palate or property. Black core and mahogany rim to the eye. Nicely integrated acidity, with a lively dance across the taste buds… Sangiovese-styled finish of cherry pie, baked atop cedar embers.


this sounds right up my alley, and have a bottle of this to try in the future. Get a sense of it’s ageability? I’m thinking of drinking this within 2-3 years (in the que now).

It already has six years of aging. No point in waiting too long.