TN: Pegau Cuvee Reservee 2000

This was the third of a small batch of 2000 Pegau that I bought from PC last year and was by far the best. Opened for an hour before being decanted, with a further 45 minutes in the decanter before serving.

Everything seems to be in place with this wine at the moment. The nose is a blast of blackberries and plumbs with beef, tar and provencal herbs. Its beautifully balanced on the mouth with layers of rounded fruit and beautifully held together with no flabbiness or hard edges. The finish goes on and on. Really great.

I think the hour +/- in a decanter really gets this to a good place.


Nice note. Thanks for the update.

A great wine that has always shown well lately.
Thanks for the note.

Peter - Thanks for the note. It sounds like I need to start dipping into my stash.

I think this wine is in its sweet spot right now and I love it.

However, I sold off about 2/3 of my stash as I didn’t expect it to get there so quickly and I was afraid with my stock level, I would end up holding a lot of these as they went over the hill and didn’t want to take that chance. A very nice wine that I’m glad some others will get to enjoy.


And I thank you. Nyuck. So far, the score… Pegau, lovely, Caillou Quartz, even lovelier— Autard, horrid brett bomb. Oh, well… can’t complain… such be the tale of wine.

Thanks for this note.
I really like this wine.
I think I have a couple more.
I should check in again.

I’ve had this wine 3 different times this year and completely agree that it is in a very good place now. Drink up!

The 00 Reservee is great right now, not the greatest '00 in the scheme of things, but toward the top of the pile.

Anyone tried this from mag lately? I’m wondering how far behind the large format is in terms of being great-to-go, instead of just good-.

Had this one during the 1st Round of the NHL playoffs and thought it needed time. Here are my impressions:

2000 Domaine du Pegau Chateauneuf du Pape Cuvée Reservée, 13.5% alc.: Smoky dark garnet color, with a classic Pegau personality of smoke, iron, cedar, black fruit and earthy beetroot. Still very well structured and in need of further time in the cellar, this actually drank better on release with its youthful exuberance. Certainly drinkable and even enjoyable, but its best days are well ahead of it; try again in 5 years and see where it’s at.

Just my 2 oz.,


3-5 years behind in terms of development. I tend not to buy mags in years that require long ageing, but they are great in drinkers years. The 1996 Clos des Papes in mags for example, are still just approaching it’s plateau, while the 75cl ones are starting to fall off the edge.

Thanks Phil!

Peter - thanks for the update!

Glad to see you’ve enjoyed it and I agree on the Quartz, although early on it was the reverse. Sorry you didn’t like the Autrard, but like you said… you just never know. I was sad to see the Pegau leave my cellar, but I’m not convinced it will make it to the end of RP’s suggested drinking window of something like 2023.

Tonight, I have a Pegau 2001 on deck. I’m not sure if I’ve even tasted one of these yet (if so, must have been long before CT), so I’m looking forward to it. If it’s drinking too well, I might have to ship some of these off to CC as I have nearly 5 cases of it still.


Well, I only have 2 of the 2001, so if you are again in dumping mode, when it cools off in November… [cheers.gif]