TN: Peay Chard Estate '12...(short/boring)

Tried this Friday w/ Susan & Fabrizia:

  1. PeayVnyds Chard Estate/SonomaCoast (13.4%; Cloverdale 2012: color; very strong melony/Chard/light celery seed/mango penicilly/toasty/Fr.oak bit toasted coconut/ZagNutBar slight chalky very aromatic complex lovely nose; rather tart/tangy celerey seed/melony/Chard/mango/tropical fruit some pencilly/toasted coconut/Fr.oak bit spicy/chalky some rich lovely flavor; very long spicy/celerey seed/mango/Chard/melony somewhat tart/tangy/structured ripe/rich some toasted coconut/pencilly/Fr.oak bit complex mineral/chalky finish; a lovely balanced/structured Chard that’ll still go another several yrs. $46.00

A wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. I don’t buy a whole lot of Peay wines anymore. Not because they’re not good…they’re very good. It’s sorta like “been there/done that” more than anything. Then I taste something like this Chard that makes me think I should buy Peay more often. Oy…too many wines to try.

I’m still walking through my 08 Peay chards… probably won’t get to the 2012s for a while.