TN: OrinSwift abstract RW '21....(short/boring)

Tried this over the weekend:

  1. OrinSwift abstract Calif RW (15.4%; Napa/Sonoma/Mendocino; Grenache/PetiteSirah/Syrah) St.Helena 2021: Very dark/near black color; rather Grenache/blackberry/strawberry/boysenberry/very ripe strong toasty/Fr.oak some chocolaty/licorice rather simple/undistinguished nose; soft soupy/goopy strong blackberry/Grenache/strawberry strong toasty/Fr.oak some chocolaty/very ripe/bit alcoholic fairly extracted/soupy/simple flavor w/ modest soft tannins; med.long soft/soupy/goopy simple/boring ever-extracted finish w/ modest soft tannins; a rather dull/simple/overextracted soupy/goopy red w/ no distinguishing character other than the Grenache and no structure; way overpriced at $39.00 (KK)

More ablswart from TheBloodyPulpit:

  1. A friend asked my opinion of the OrinSwift wines & I admitted I’d not tried them in some time. So I took one for the team.
    Both of our fine wine shops in SantaFe don’t make a habit of carrying any of the OrinSwift wines. When I asked them about OrinSwift wines, they gave me a sort of an eye roll & shrugged their shoulders. Mark at Kokomann managed to dig up w/ a btl buried on the shelves. They probably have more at TotalWines.
    When DavePhinney first released ThePrisoner, I tried it and was underwhelmed. It was made in a style that I find rather uninteresting. Still, it is big/extracted & appeals to a certain crowd that likes Caymus/ApoteticRed & wines of that type. Since Dave sold it to Gallo some yrs ago, it appears that they have maintained his original style. But, for me, it’s sayonara to OrinSwift.
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