TN: Ojai Chard SolomonHills '07....(short/boring)

Tried last night w/ my grilled endive/tomatoe/buratta:

  1. OjaiVnyd Chard SolomonHillsVnyd/SantaMariaVlly (14.0%) 2007: Med.dark gold color; some toasty/charred/oak
    rather earthy/chalky/mineral very slight cabbagy/sauerkraut (that clears) ripe/melony/Chard/spicy/nutmeg pleasant nose;
    quite tart/lean light toasty/oak slight chalky/earthy some spicy/ripe/melony/Chard/celery/celery seed interesting flavor;
    med.long some melony/Chard/celery seed light toasty/oak/nutmeg slight earthy/mineral finish; a pleasant enough Chard
    w/ not that much fruit.

A wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. This was one of Adam’s “new style” Chards (i.e. if’n it don’t get big ParkerPoints…so be it) and had a screechy acidity and
    seemed rather lean/eviscerated type of Chard. it seems to be going in the right direction and putting on a little weight. Maybe
    it’ll come around into something pretty interesting eventually.