TN: Obscure and surprising 2000 Côtes du Roussillon

  • 2000 Château de Casenove Côtes du Roussillon - France, Languedoc Roussillon, Roussillon, Côtes du Roussillon (12/3/2009)
    Every once in a while one opens a bottle of no consequence that is, in fact, of consequence. In the late 70s I opened a $2 bottle of 1970 Martini Mountain Barbera found on the dusty bottom shelf of a local store and had a revelation. In the 80s I pulled a bottle from the ex-Father-in-laws closet (he is notorious for leaving bottles in corners until they are dead) that clearly needed to be drunk. That 1977 Almaden San Benito (I think) Cabernet was a dead ringer for a Ridge York Creek Cab. In the 90s a friend brought over a brown bagged wine. We drank, guesses were mostly high quality Rhone. Nope a mid 80s basic Rosemount Shiraz.

This was such a bottle. A Neal Rosenthal import (mixed breed of S. France grapes) found in my local butcher shop on sale for $9. Stuck in a corner for a while, I opened it hoping just for drinkable. Cork breaks in half – bad sign. Get out the last bit and pour. Hmm, dark as can be. GV sniffy, sniff. Hmm again, dark funk, earth, mushrooms, rich fruit. Looks and tastes like a youngster. This continued to impress over the evening, deepening and with a bouquet of funky lilacs and rosemary. Damn! (90 pts.)


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I have 2003’s of this that the retailer told me was a monster so have not opened. Any ideas when this will be drinkable?

I’d suggest leaving them for three years in the corner of a butcher-shop and then trying.


I’m sure that helped with the dried out cork. The 2000 fell apart the following night but well stored bottles should be fine. I have no idea how 2003 was a vintage there. Wasn’t that the heat wave year?