TN: NV Vilmart Grand Cellier D'Or

02 07 on the front label. This is just a beautful wine, no ifs ands or buts. J’aime Vilmart! Smoky blood orange and citrus nose, with those notes repeating in a bright fashion on the palate. I’m amazed at how complex this is for a NV wine and it just hangs around on the palate. It’s pretty much the best of the yeasty/doughy/leesy world combined with the spicy/smoky/citrus fruitiness world. I can’t imagine anyone thinking this isn’t a steal for $40.

Amazing stuff!
Thanks to John Liotta for making me buy this.

I have to say, this particular cuvee/batch is strikingly similar to the 02 Grand Cellier. Both are off the charts.

I don’t know that I’ve ever seen it locally for $40 but would be an easy buy if I did. Pretty sure its usually around $60.


Vinsrare sold some boxes of this earlier this year in the low to mid-40s. WHWC is selling this for $50.


Thank you for the note, we are drinking a bottle of this tomorrow night (along with 17 other bottles).

I was wondering where all you guys went.

Vinsrare had some of this 02 vintage for $59.95. Grabbed 4 when someone changed their order.

Cris, $60 is pretty high for this wine. I think $50 is fair but you can definitely find it for $40 if you’re patient. Winelibrary had it in earlier for $39.99, I think it was Spring but could have been later last year.