TN: NV Pehu Simonet - "Face Nord" Brut (France, Champagne, Champagne Grand Cru)

NV Pehu Simonet Champagne Grand Cru Face Nord Brut - France, Champagne, Champagne Grand Cru (5/28/2022)
– popped and poured –
– tasted non-blind over 1 hour –

NOSE: rich; Chanel No. 5 perfume.

BODY: copper-tinged polished brass color — quite striking, really; on the lighter-bodied end of the spectrum.

TASTE: typical fruity, juicy Champagne blend — dry, but not austere. Disappointing for the fruit designation (Grand Cru), but it is an excellent QPR at $30.

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Those cru designations in Champagne are one of the great jokes of wine IMO.


Totally agree, but I’m still finding my way in Champagne, so maybe things will come into greater focus as my experience builds. Or, maybe it won’t! LOL!

You got a good deal at $30 on this.

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