TN: NV Jacques Selosse Champagne Brut Initiale (France, Champagne)

  • NV Jacques Selosse Champagne Brut Initiale - Initiale or Initial? (1/16/2014)
    (disgorged 07/2012) This didn’t present any oxidative notes, but if there were some that others at the tasting might have observed, they weren’t discussed. I found that this balanced generosity with elegance, but at the same time, seemed to lack panache. The Vouette-Sorbée Extra Brut (02/2010) served alongside it, with its spiny, tingly lime-covered rocks, was more engaging. I mention this because I tend to prefer fruit over acid in my Champers, but on this night, the V-S won out - it had the panache. Nonetheless, recommended, 12,0% abv

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Does anyone know why the bottle I drank from was labeled differently than the one in the CT database (i.e. no “E” on the end)?