TN: NV Graham's Natura Reserve Ruby Port (Portugal, Douro)

  • NV Graham Natura Reserve Ruby Port - Portugal, Douro (3/26/2016)
    Bottled in 2012 I think. Stated as being from organically grown grapes. No idea if the brandy used to fortify is also organic or not. Label says it comes from two vineyards, one of which I assume is Quinta do Ataide the other is listed as being from the Rio Torta area (which could be one of several they own there). Very soft bodied with well integrated brandy, very light tannins, blue berries, a little bit of cocoa on the back end, and some menthol. This reminds a little of Six Grapes in that there is no overt alcohol and it has the soft texture on the body. Otherwise, it doesn’t have the dark tannic fruit or complexity that Six Grapes has. Though this is about $5 (USD) less than six grapes so at that price point this is a really good value Port (I paid $13 for it). Overall, I enjoyed this and this would make a very good daily drinker that won’t break the bank.
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Have you tried the Warre Port in this lower price range? I think it’s a non-vintage (and I am too lazy to go down the cellar and look! :slight_smile: ). An excellent vintage-Port-like flavor and character, and excellent value!

Warre’s Warrior? If so,yes, a nice Port.

I used to love the Six Grapes as a basic, drink-now option. Not boozy like a lot of Ruby Ports.