TN: NV Equipo Navazos Jerez-Xérès-Sherry La Bota de Fino "que va para Amontillado" Nº 24

  • NV Equipo Navazos Jerez-Xérès-Sherry La Bota de Fino “que va para Amontillado” Nº 24 - Spain, Andalucía, Jerez-Xérès-Sherry (12/31/2012)
    Still a brilliant bottle, but this was a clear step down from the transcendental experiences in the last few that we had - a bit strange, given how it was quite perfectly paired with seafoody tapas and roast pig at Restaurant Catalunya. Nevertheless though, it was still a wonderful wine. The nose married typical Fino scents with a deeper, more complex edge, with salty seabreeze and seashell aromas hovering around of a core dried figs and pears, some preserved limes, and a drift of dried chrysanthenum flowers. Entrancing. As always though, it was the palate that really captured the imagination. Round, luscious, fleshy, with great depth and authority to its layered flavours of sweet lemons and figs and pears, all underpinned by the freshest, liveliest acidity that kept the wine laser-focused and mouthwateringly delicious - this was the perfect marriage of a salty, breezy Fino with the power, depth and creamy texture of an Amontillado. In spite of the substance on the wine though, it always remained graceful, harmonious, almost effortless, carrying its weight in a zen-like balance all the way in a super-long, mineral and spice infused finish that just refused to quit. A great wine for a cold, rainy new year’s eve lunch, this was, as always, a brilliant pairing with Jamon Inberico, roasted suckling pig and a whole lot of seafoody tapas. It may be familiarity breeding overly high expectations, but I thought this bottle just lacked some of the profound complexity of the previous expereinces. That aside though, it was fantastic wine in its own right. (94 pts.)

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You’re killin’ me, Paul. That sounds delicious! [cheers.gif]

I really love their bottlings. Just bought their Brandy aged in an Oloroso cask under the Navazos-Palazzi label. Dry, nutty, whiskey-like. Lovely stuff.

My only experience with the 24 was similar to the one you described here. A fine wine by any standards, it fell short of real greatness for me.

My expectations tend to be unrealistically high for the La Bota wines. The fact that they meet or surpass those expectations more often than not keeps me buying.

While we’re almost on the subject of Amontillado their upcoming #37 is gorgeous.

Thanks for the note, I’ve been wondering about those brandies. At the price point I’ve been reluctant to buy without trying or without hearing anything from people who’ve tried them.

Has anyone tried the #31 Amontillado?


I had this back in September…a great Fino!

  • NV Equipo Navazos Jerez-Xérès-Sherry La Bota de Fino “que va para Amontillado” Nº 24 - Spain, Andalucía, Jerez-Xérès-Sherry (9/15/2012)
    Color: Golden yellow with a clear miniscus
    Smell: Goden yellow apple, caramel, bees wax, fig, fresh cut white birch,
    Taste: jicima, macadamia nut, cherimoya, turnip, red radish
    Overall: A wildly complex Fino. This sets the bar very high for what can be attained in the world of Sherry. Light-medium body, high acidity, med+ tannin, a minute + long finish that seems to ebb and flow between subtle fruit notes and more earthy wood driven notes. Outstanding!!

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Just ordered 2 of them along with 3 of the 30’s Capataz Rivas and 1 of the 32’s. Introductory pack of Equipo’s wines for me. I am excited. I have been looking forward to learning about these wines for a long time now.