TN: NV Cossart Gordon & Co. Madeira No. 26 Light Madeira (Portugal, Madeira)

  • NV Cossart Gordon & Co. Madeira No. 26 Light Madeira - Portugal, Madeira (11/21/2015)
    It’s an old bottle, judging from the label saying the contents are 25/32 quart, and the alcohol of 16%. I tried to find out what was in the bottle from the producer, but they clearly don’t know. They didn’t recognize the name, so they asked me to send them photos of the bottle. They finally told me that it was a “5-year sweet wine” made from the Tinta Negra Mole grape.

This is definitely not a 5-year sweet wine. The wine is dark brown and totally dry, with great Madeira acidity. I’m thinking this is mostly Sercial. The wine was excellent with shrimp bisque. I would definitely buy more if it showed up. (92 pts.)

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Very cool wine! Thanks for the notes! Where did you find such an old bottle?

It popped up on Winebid a few months ago. I didn’t know anything about it, but I’m a sucker for Madeira and it wasn’t expensive.

Tinta Negra can be used to make a dry wine. It’s grown at altitude, and perhaps on the cooler North side of the Island. Probably also has some caramel added for color.