TN: Nervi Podere dei Ginepri Spanna '12...(short/boring)

Tried this Nebbiolo w/ John ystrday:

  1. Nervi Podere dei Ginepri DOC: Coste della Sesia Spanna (www.NerviCantine.It; 12.5%; 10% Vespoilina & UvaRara) Gattinara 2012: Fairly light slight orange color; rather floral/Nebb/lilacs/rose petal slight earthy/tarry/herbal rather fragrant Nebb nose; quite tart/lean light floral/lilacs light tarry/pungent/earthy classic Nebb flavor w/ light hard tannins; very long tart/lean/acid some floral/lilacs/rose petal bit lean/austere light tarry/earthy/herbal finish w/ light hard Nebb tannins; a rather pretty lightweight Nebb that can benefit from several yrs that’s fairly drinkable for young Nebb but will probably have a hard tannic edge; very fairly priced at $29.00 (AV)

A wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. Nervi is one of my favorite producers in the Gattinara area. Their WebSite (www.NerviCantine.It) is worth a visit as some of the vnyd pics are spectacular. I can hardly wait to visit there.
    This wine (“Juniper Farm”) is quite a pretty expression of Nebbiolo. I suspect the Vespolina might have taken a bit of the tannic edge off this wine. The Nebb tannins were definitely there, but not as bitey/angular/rugged as some from that area.
    I’ve long wondered what a Gattinara made like a Valtelline Sforzato would be like…or even permitted. I’ve not heard of one being attempted.

As you probably know there was a change of ownership at Nervi in mid-2011. That means 2012 is first complete vintage of the new regime (they did vinification of 11, but not vineyard work). It is a change for the better.

When it comes to Novara-Vercelli wines made with dried grapes, there are some. Most well-known is Travaglinis Il Sogno. Grapes from Gattinara, but the classification is not used.

Thanks for that info, Arnt. Wasn’t aware.

I love this wine - Massanois Imports out of DC imports this - and it was one of my sleepers of the year last year.

I found it a little fatter than you did Tom - but super focused with that classic Nebbiolo tightness. The 2012 is only the second vintage I’ve had of this wine, but it looks like a keeper for sure -

I’ll have to give Nervi another go, as I had a decent old wine, and then an auction lot of 1990 Molsino that was surprisingly insipid - not flawed, just a bit feeble (and that in the context of the region).

A group of 4 Norwegian families bought Nervi in 2011. The principal, w/ whom I have contact, is Erling Astrup, the majority shareholder I understand.
So there are changes afoot that I think bear watching at Nervi.