TN- MV Vincent Couche "Voulez vous Couche avec moi?"- Unusual, Geeky, Delicious

This wine has serious geek factor- a multi-vintage blend of Pinot Noir from Molesme (the commune in the North, not the vineyard in Rully) and Chardonnay from Chablis 1er cru “Cote de Cuissy”, fermented in amphora, bottled without sulfur, made by a Champagne wine maker. Not only is it super unusual, but it tastes good too!

Pours a hazy deep coppery gold with pink hues. A previous taster noted that their wine smelled funky, but I didn’t get that in my bottle. It might just be the power of suggestion, but it kind of smells like Champagne to me! A mix of Meyer lemons, lemon meringue pie, and fresh red cherries, along with some lees-y aromas. There is a touch of carbonation on the palate, which I kind of like, but dissipates in 15 mins or so. Medium acidity on the palate, fruit profile is mixed yellow and red; sour cherries, preserved lemons, a rich creaminess, and some baking spices. It’s a complex flavor profile that I really enjoy. Fun stuff! Gotta love the name too!

Not sure how came up with the idea to pair this with seafood paella, but it worked beautifully. Half-full bottle held up fine in the fridge overnight, but lost a little bit of it’s vibrancy. I think this is a wine to drink within the next couple of years. This transcends the “weird experiment” category into solid highly enjoyable wine.

Oops, forgot the photos: