TN Mustilli Piedirosso '14...(short/boring)

Also tried last night & for breakfast this morning:

  1. Mustilli Piedirosso Sannio DOC: Sant’Agata dei Goti (12%;; Sant’Agata dei Goti/Campania 2014: Med.dark color; very fragrant/perfumed cherry/plummy some earthy/hot-climate/loamy clean almost Mourv-like or Carignane-like nose w/ lots of bass notes; soft somewhat earthy/loamy/hot-climate some plummy/cherry/perfumed rustic/coarse flavor w/ light coarse tannins; med.long soft slight tangy/metallic rather earthy/loamy/rustic/coarse some plummy/black cherry finish w/ modest rough/coarse tannins; reminds some of Carignane w/o the hard tannins or more like Mourv. $23.00 (AV)

And a wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. Piedirosso is a variety that originated around Vesuvio. The “red feet” refers to the bright red stalks the grapes have when they are ripe. This variety is usually blended w/ Aglianico to give it an aromatic lift.
    Like many of the Southern Italy reds, this wine has a rustic/coarse quality that I have trouble liking when I just tastes them. But w/ rustic/peasant food, they work just fine. This one was, at least, clean and didn’t have the hot-climate/goat-pen character I find in many.