TN: Mullineux Olerasay 2o Chenin Blanc

Solera-based straw wine, with barrels from 2008 to 2019.

This is, in a word, brilliant. Smoky, impossibly deep dried and roasted apricots drenched in honey greet you on the nose, and there’s even a high-toned, seaspray-like quality lurking in the background. The palate has the perfect mouthcoating texture, rich without being at all syrupy or saccharine, and the finish, oh, the finish; candied ginger, baking spice, candied orange peel, and more of that bottomless sweet, dessicated stone fruit that goes for an interminable length of time.

This will last forever, if you want. You shouldn’t feel bad about opening it now, though; savour it and marvel at how unambiguously pleasurable it is, and share it with people who love delicious things.

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Mullineux can do no wrong imo.

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Great note. Their straw wine is tremendous. I drank a bottle of the 2010 on honeymoon in SA and it was amazing. Carried one home. No idea of the aging curve on this. Have never tried the Olerasay but I’d love to.