TN: More Bottom Feeding @ Total Wines...(short/boring)

Made my infrequent foray out to TotalWines to do a bit of bottom feeding:

  1. Weissenkirchen GrunerVeltliner DAC: Wachau (12.0%; Trocken; SarantyImprts/Stamford/CT) Durnstein 2021: color w/ some tiny bubbles; very light floral/GV/slight white pepper slight spicy/earthy pleasant bit simple near vapid nose; soft slight tangy/metallic very light GV/floral/white pepper slight earthy rather simple quite dull/vapid/dilute flavor; short light GV/white pepper/floral slight tangy/metallic rather vapid/simple/dilute/watery finish; speaks of GV with a whisper; an utterly dull/vapid expression of Austrian GV; overpriced at $23.00 (TW)

  1. Golf Rivaner Tauberfranken/Baden (11.5%; trocken; Q; AP.Nr. 052 34 22; Saranty Imprts) JosephDeppisch/Markhesdenfeld/Baden 2021: Light gold color; light floral/pineapple/bit R-like/vaguely fruity some earthy pleasant enough nose; soft vaguely fruity/R-like/floral rather simple/fruity/vapid slight tangy/metallic flavor; med.short light vaguely fruity/bit R-like/floral rather dull/vapid finish; doesn’t even rise to the level of a BlueNun Liebfraumilch; a simple dull/watery/vapid white and overpriced at $17.00 (TW)

  1. Ch.Miselle Ad’OP: Sauternes (13%; SarantyImprts/WhitePlains/NY) Dulong/Landiras 2019: Deep golden color; strong ripe Semillon/passito some botrytis/peachy slight earthy light pencilly/oak lovely/perfumed classic Sauternes some complex slight volatile nose; lightly tart strong ripe/Semillon/figgy/passito some botrytis/peachy/apricotty quite sweet slight earthy/dusty very rich/lush classic Sauternes flavor; very long/lingering strong botrytis/peachy/apricotty ripe/figgy/Semillon/passito light toasty/pencilly/oak bit earthy fairly complex classic Sauternes finish; a really lovely classic Sauternes at a stupid/silly price; the equivalent of a Sauternes 2-4 X that price; lovely Sauternes that should age another 4-8 yrs; a steal at $15.00/hlf (TW)

More zizzlecapper from TheBloodyPulpit:

  1. Rivaner is another name for Muller-Thurgau, Germany’s most widely planted grape. Tauberfranken is a Baden sub-region of Franconia & the wine comes in the traditional bocksbuetel.

  1. The first two whites are pretty much the dull/vapid wines you have come to expect from SarantyImports, the importing company arm of TotalWines (which is not legal in most States); though my research has not been able to prove that ownership.
    So I cracked the Ch.Miselle with very low expectations. Holy $hit… Saranty screwed up. This is not only just a good wine but a very/very good example of a classic Sauternes. Probably some leftover/excess Sauternes of some good Sauternes Chateau. I’d love to know who actually made this wine. The Dulong property who bttld this wine for Saranty Imprts is a Calvet property.
    But if you have a TotalWines in your neighborhood, you must go load up on this Ch.Miselle. This is the very first Total Wines wine I have ever recommended and the very first TotalWines I’ve ever tried & went back and bought more of.

TWM certainly owns Saranty Imports, what they have to do across the country is law dependent. Some States they get it direct, in many they use Johnson Bros. or another wholesaler to bump the dock, and then in others a distributor actually has to warehouse it.

Sorry to nitpick, but there is about twice as much Riesling planted nowadays than M-T. Also, Tauberfranken, despite its name and proximity to Franken, is strictly a part of Baden.

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Tom, you kiss a helluva lot of frogs in the name of science. Thanks for the tip on the Sauternes. Ordered a few bottles.


Let me know what you think. Don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

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The Miselle is definitely good for the money. Lacks some of the viscosity/heft that I love in a good Sauternes, but it is correct overall, tasty without flaws, pretty balanced. Good tip at $15!

Glad you like it, Nate. It does lack a bit of heft…but definitely speaks of Sauternes at a great price.

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