TN: Meyer-Fonne GWT VT '05..(short/boring)

This showed up on the shelf at ArroyoVino, so tried it last night:

  1. Meyer-Fonne GWT WineckSchlossberg VendangeTardive AC: Alsace GrandCru (13.5%) Francois et Felix Meyer/Katzenthal 2005: Med.dark gold color; very intense GWT/lychee/very spicy/nutmeg ripe slight botrytis/peachy very complex beautiful nose; lightly tart very rich/lush fairly sweet (2.0-3.0% r.s.?) intense lychee/GWT/hair oil/spicy beautiful flavor; very long/lingering very intense lychee/GWT/very spicy fairly sweet finish; a terrific VT GWT at a great price. $36.00/500ml (AV)

No BP today.

I haven’t had very much, if anything, from this producer yet, but we can sometimes get their stuff up here. Thanks for this note, Tom.


Yup, Mike…my experience is they’re a good/strong producer of Alsatian wines; more traditional and
less in the Z-H overblown style.

I like both styles so will look for one of their Gewurtzes to try. Thanks again.