TN: Merryvale Profile 97

Merryvale Profile 1997 - I have a love hate relationship with this wine. Most bottles are excellent, but had a couple that I might now think was flawed. This particular bottle was excellent and was decanted for about 45 minutes. The nose was cherry and strawberries, mid palate was smooth and had decent weight to it. You can taste a hint of oak, but mostly the flavors are well integrated. Finish wasn’t terribly long, but acceptable. This wine was very enjoyable and can last another 10 years in the bottle, in my opinion. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED A+

Glad I still have 8 of these.

Thanks for your note. I opened one of these a week ago. It was drinking very well, showing the characteristics you mention in addition to secondary notes of leather and a touch of earth. I have had very good luck with all of my bottles. Sadly, only one left.

Funny- found one of these in the miscellaneous section of my cellar- thanks for the note. Think I will have to have it soon!

I tried one of these out over lunch in the 2nd week of November 2005 - so it was quite young. I enjoyed it though and posted my notes at another wine board. Someone there said it this wine was Bob Levy’s final vintage at Merryvale. Stephen Test took over thereafter. Your note makes me want to try some again.