TN: Meo-Camuzet Marsannay 2005

Color: Medium ruby with amber highlights at the rim. The wine is clear and appears clean.

Nose: Red currant fruit with earthy/woodsy notes. Fruit aromas are intense and have subtle notes of allspice.

Palate: Ripe red currants, mineral (slate), spice (allspice, white pepper), body is medium to full, tannins are very soft, sweet, and ripe, acidity is med+.

Overall Perception: This is Burgundy that should appeal to New World Pinot lovers. I don’t know if it has the acidity to go long term, but man the fruit on this wine is lush now and it is very complex compare to other Pinots in it’s price range.

Mark, how new world? I like older vintages of this. Didn’t think new world. Have they changed? Thanks for the TN.

If you like this one Mark, I have it on very good authority that the 2007 Marsannay from Meo is one of the best produced in some time. Much better than the 05.


Stacey and I really loved it Don, and the price was a steal.


I take this as just being primary pinot at this point.
This Marsannay can age to me. This is definately Burgundy.

Great stuff. Thanks for the note. Marsannay pricing makes me happy.


Sounds nice. I think the new world note comes from the baby fat of the 05s. Thanks for the note Mark!

I would agree. Some of that baby fat fruit fell off as the wine aired out.
But right out of the bottle, it tasted like Oregon.