TN: Melka, Tynan and MAC

We were fortunate enough to meet up with Alex MacDonald and Mike and Leah Smith today at Farmstead in Napa. Here are some brief tasting notes:

2016 Melka Sauvignon Blanc Mekerra: PnP. Huge and seamless, lots of grassy and tropic notes. Pretty much everything I want in a Napa SB. This easily tops the Realm Fidelio and La Pelle SB we’ve had recently. Checked back in at the end of the lunch and it was only getting better.

2014 Christoper Tynan Cabernet Sauvignon Old Vines Meleagris Gallopavo: PnP. This isn’t your typical '14 Napa Cab, great structure, lengthy mid palate and finish. Awesome minerality that keeps it feeling light and fresh. Would honestly say this was on par with the Mac. Will continue to buy from Chris.

2016 MACDONALD: Thanks to Alex for bringing this [cheers.gif] Incredible wine and I hate to fall into the “greatest wine of the century” Napa trap but this is probably better than the '15 (at least for now) and at least on par with/better than the '13. It has the same structure but certainly seems more approachable at a younger age. Napa at its finest.

Nice company lol. Thanks for the notes. Glad the 16 Mac is looking good.

Jake, Decant the Macd ?

Alex for sure did a double decant before bringing it, I’ll ask him about how long. It was also put in a decanter at the restaurant. Macd loves the air!

On the MAC was that a barrel sample or have they bottled their 2016 already?

This was the finished product. I believe they recently bottled the ‘16. 8hr double decant was the preparation.