TN: Massa Piccolo Derthona Timorasso '22....(short/boring)

Had this last night as my dinner wine:

  1. Vigneti Massa Piccolo Derthona Vino Bianco (13%; 100% Timorasso; Frmtd & elevage in SS; PortoVino/Buffalo/NY) Massa Fratelli/Monleale color; very strong Timo/pear/peach/floral/gardenias slight mineral beautiful Timo nose; lightly tart intense Timo/floral/gardenias/spicy/pear/peach rich/lush/balanced light mineral/chalky beautiful flavor; very long/lingering finish that mimics flavor; a very rich/lush/balanced very perfumed Timo that should put on weight & complexit over the next few yrs; very reasonably priced at $26.50 (KK)

More timikrickle from TheBloodyPulpit:

  1. Piccolo: This is WalterMassa’s basic/entry level Timo. And a grand one it is. He also makes several vnyd-designate Timos at much steeper prices.
    Walter is, of course, the one who resurrected Timo from extinction. His Timos are consistently some of the best produced. It’s a variety that I think makes the best white wine in Piemonte. It’s one that is growing in popularity as well. And Piemonte producers are starting to plant it in other areas of the Piemonte outside of Derthona.
    I’m very much looking forward to SamBilbro’s first release of a Calif Timo this Fall.

Thanks for the note, Tom. I have been meaning to try a Timorasso for a few years. I will try to find this bottling.

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Careful, Jim. You’ll soon be in the Timorasso 7-step program!!
The LaColombera is another reasonably-priced good one.

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I’m a Timorasso fan. Thanks for the note. I do like Massa’s Timorasso. Have you tried Claudio Mariotto or Vietti’s Timorassos yet? They are quite nice, too.

Not tried the Marioto. The Vietti I find a bit on the light/bland side.

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Does Massa make an intentional oxidative bottling or are only some made in that fashion?


Not taking into account the question doesn’t really make sense; no, if you’re talking about the Derthona whites. Massa’s Derthona Timorassos are not made oxidatively.

Thanks Otto and I apologize for the poor writing. I asked about oxidation because I did have a 2020 Massa Timorasso last week that was oxidized. And for the recored the wine was thoroughly enjoyable.

Was it Massa’s basic Timorasso? At least the 2016 and 2017 vintages have been closed with a screwcap, I have no idea how 2020 is.

Anyways, sounds like something was badly wrong with the wine. Haven’t had a single Massa Timorasso that was oxidative, let alone oxidized.

Massa sits at the top of my list with his Costa del Vento.

Vietti and Claudio Mariotto are next in line for me, but I have yet to try Mariotto’s Pitasso. Hoping to open it soon.

Not sure which vintage you had of Vietti, but I would give it quite a bit of air if you did not previously. It is usually better on day 2 and 3. The 2019 Vietti was fantastic imo.

Luigi Boveri & La Colombera are also pretty good.

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