TN: Margaux, Lalande, Haut Brion, SQN, d'Yquem, Pavie, GH

Wow what a great night, to bad you couldn’t wait a week til I got there. I’m glad to see all the BDX showed well (I’m a bdx guy) and I’m jealous that you drank such a wonderful burg. Thanks for the note.

BTW, did all that kill Bill?

I’m alive…sleepy…but alive.

Next week…Kill Bill vol.II. [suicide.gif]

I hate to admit it, but the Ghost Horse was pretty freakin’ good. Denny thought it would be a hoot to serve it to me blind and get my reaction when I saw the bottle.

Which one did you end up pulling Bill? I assume this was the night you had a free reign of the cellar and that was your 95 SS?
Can you guys compare the GH to any less ridiculously expensive wines?

I wound up picking a 2001 Pavie and helped decide the vintage on the 1990 d’Yquem. Yes, the maggie of Caymus SS was mine and it was SO freaking good.

As for the Ghost Horse…on par with the 2001 Shafer HSS…I shit you not.

Was thinking the same thing. Too bad on the 02 Pride Reserve. Have had it 4 times and it never disappoints. With all the other great bottles though you probably didn’t miss it much. Had the 02 Reserve claret last week and while good, i thought it more 1 dimensional than the cab reserve.


Will get to try the Pride Reserve eventually as Denny has all the Reserve bottling going back a decade and in all formats up to 5 Liter.

And to think that when I moved here I thought it would be all beer and barbecue [cheers.gif]

It did not suck…you really need to make friends with Denny.

2001 HSS…damn! I had no doubt it would be a good wine, I love the Conn Valleys for what they are but that sounds better than I expected.
Sweet night.

I’ll openly appologize for making snarky and juvenile comments on the wine over on Squires last year. The juice in the bottle is the real deal…just not worth the coin to me. As for the “The Todd”, he is still a bizarre character that needs a new marketing angle.