TN: Loosen Erdener Pralat Kabinett 1980

This was a glorious mature Kabinett, fresh as a daisy. Yellow fruits spice and just the faintest hint of polished wood.

Perhaps the best Loosen wine I have ever enjoyed and certainly far superior to any post 1990.

€49 on a wine list in Berlin. Old Kabinett is such a treat.

I had this at a Loosen dinner we hosted at work a few years back. In bloody good nick and one of the better European wines I’ve had from my birth year.

Russell, thanks for the data point. Why do you think it is superior than any post 1990? Style /quality change? Perhaps the younger wines need more time? Just curious as I own a number of post 1990 Loosen bottlings.

I’ve never even seen a Pralat Kabinett; seems it’s always Auslese or above, although I now see that Ernie is doing GG Pralat. I’d be intrigued to try that.


Nicos, I’m not a huge Loosen fan, though I really enjoyed a few 1990s. I have a few recent auction wines from the Pralat but that’s about it. A huge amount of wines are made these days if you count the negotiant wines. Maybe something to do with it. I admit to not having a very precise line in the sand.

Cheers Russell.