TN: Leroy & Texier

LEROY & TEXIER - Home (10/17/2013)

  • 2006 Maison Leroy Bourgogne Blanc - France, Burgundy, Bourgogne Blanc
    Seemed to be a really good bottle. Had a beautiful, flinty and lemon-y nose that while not exotic was pure. Palate was surprisingly crystalline for a 2006 with great purity. A great QPR. (91 pts.)
  • 2010 Éric Texier Côtes du Rhône-Brézème Vieille Serine Domaine de Pergaud - France, Rhône, Northern Rhône, Côtes du Rhône-Brézème
    Definitely a different wine than what I tried back in April. More layered, more complex, and deeper. The nose was exotic with dark fruits, some smoke, cured meats, and spices. The magic of this was that even with a big and dense nose, this was an airy and elegant wine. Flowed over my palate with delicate floral notes, smoked meats, plum, and blackberries. Beautiful composition… (92 pts.)

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Had a 2006 Maison Leroy Savigny-lès-Beaune blanc that was also surprisingly elegant.

Loved that Brezeme earlier this year. Sounds like it’s fleshing out nicely.


I’m still trying to figure the drinking windows on the Pergaud wines.
It’s variable with the vintages of course.

hey marc, the notes on CT for the 2010 suggest ups and downs thus far. i like its potential for aging and will be retiring the rest of my bottles into my offsite storage place tomorrow.

What type of air did the Brezeme see? We had the ‘10 Brezeme in a blind N Rhone 10s tasting at Ross’ last week. I wasn’t particularly a huge fan, but I believe Zach who took the bottle home said it had opened up quite nicely after.

At a dinner with Texier and his current releases, I thought this wine, along with the the 2010 Saint Julien et Saint Alban, showed best out of everything poured. I don’t know exactly how the bottles were treated. The corks may have been pulled in advance, but I don’t think the wines were decanted. Anyway, both wines are going to be long-distance runners, but it is clear to me that on good days (fruit days, maybe?) you will be able to catch glimpses of greatness along the way.

probably about 2 hours in a wide-decanter before my first sip.

but when to pull them out again?

6 years?

Trial and error. I hope you bought enough!

Or just obey the rule of 15.

I knew that was coming.
I wonder if these are 15 year wines.
Some vintages I’d say yes.

While I did like the wine, I didn’t take the leavings home. I think Seth did.

By the way, guys, when is someone going to post notes from that 2010 Northern Rhone tasting? I mean, I’ve heard about the results, of course, but a comprehensive post sure would be nice…

First rule of 2010 Northern Rhone tasting is…

Based on the 2004, I think six years is too quick, eight is probably ok, especially if you have a few, and 12-15 a good bet for peak drinking.

Yes. Please allow us to corner the market on all of the outlandish gems we unearthed. Notes will follow.