TN:Leoville Poyferre' Saint-Julien 2002

Color: Dark ruby, bright and clean to the rim.

Nose: Rich black currant, tobacco, graphite, and cedar.

Palate: Rich black currant fruit with very vibrant acidity, tannins are fine grained and persistent, finish is bright and medium long with fruit and cedar notes.

Overall perception: A very nice drink right now, clearly showing a long life ahead of it. I am not enough of a Bordeaux drinker to make comparisons, but in a general qualitative speak this is an excellent wine showing the kind of style I have come to expect from Saint-Julien. Those expectations are based on the tasting notes and text I have read about the appellation. It IMHO is an elegant, feminine style unlike the Pauillacs I have tasted recently which were more brawny.

Been a while since I had this one. Thanks for the update. i remember really enjoying it when it was released.

After I posted, I checked RMP’s notes to compare, he remarks repeatedly about licorice which I did not pick up. I do admit a handicap though. I had just finished bleaching both bathrooms before I tasted and posted the note.

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