TN: Kracher TBA NV...(short/boring)

Tried this last weekend:

  1. Kracher TBA WTW (12.0%;; 55% Welschriesling/40% Chardonnay/5% Traminer; RS: 19.44%) Illmitz/Burgenland NV: Deep golden color w/ slight browning; intense peachy/apricotty/botrytis slight earthy very strong TBA nose; rather soft/rich/lush intense botrytis/apricotty/peachy quite sweet slight tangy flavor; very long/lingering very intense botrytis/apricotty/peachy slight earthy quite sweet slight earthy finish; a bit on the soft/simple side and nothing but botrytis but a perfectly delicious TBA. $23.00/187ml (LB)

  1. The SeeWinkel, on the eastern side of NeusiedlerSee, is a rather pretty area. As you approach it across the See from the West by ferry, it appears to be little more than a large swamp. Not very dramatic vistas like elsewhere in Austria, the area is teeming w/ wildlife and a beautiful area to take a bike ride, as it is pretty flat w/ gently rolling hills.
    GerhardKracher, son of the late AloisKracher, now runs the estate. They are, of course, famous for their sweet/dessert wines. In point of fact, they make a whole range of dry white and red wines. I have never seen them on the shelves and have no idea what they’re like.

Somebody [maybe Vin Divino, out of Chicago?] used to import a Kracher dry white, called “Days of Wine and Roses”.

It was very pleasant, and aggressively priced.

But we don’t see many niche products like that anymore.

The industry seems to be moving strongly towards fake wine marketing schemes - along the lines of Barefoot Prosecco or Turning Leaf Chianti or Cupcake Bordeaux - which are imported by the millions of cases.

We tasted there back in September. We could easily have spent half a day if we didn’t have other appointments. The range of wines was astounding, the people were amazing, and while not all the wines were to our taste we got to sample 20 years of wines as much as we wanted to. We showed significant restraint and bought 7 or 8 bottles.