TN: JJPrum Wehlener Sonnenuhr Eiswein-Auslese '75...(short/boring)

Sue Noel brought this to share ystrday:

  1. Joh.Jos.Prum Wehlener Sonnenuhr Eiswein-Auslese (QmP; A.P.Nr. 12576511-21-76; EA) Wehlen/Mosel 1975: Deep golden/burnished bronze color; slight earthy/dusty honey graham/graham cracker/rather honeyed some old German R/slight Mosel valve oil no botrytis quite complex nose; very acidic/screechy slightly sweet very strong honeyed/honey graham/bit passito slight earthy/dusty old German R/bit valve oil very complex flavor; very long/lingering very acidic/screechy slightly sweet rather passito/honey graham/graham cracker old R/slight Mosel valve oil finish; no signs of botrytis whatsoever; a rather strange/unusual of old Mosel R but quite complex & interesting.

A wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. '71 & '76 were great yrs for German wines w/ lots of ripeness, lots of acidity, and lots of botrytis. '75 was a hot yr when the had a lot of ripeness but not that much botrytis. This was a rather strange expression of an old Mosel Auslese because of the lack of botrytis. Nonetheless, quite an interesting wine more like an old passito than an old Mosel Auslese.

I’m not an expert on the Prädikat system, but I believe that Eisweins are only made with grapes that have not had botrytis; wines made from botrytised grapes are made into BA and TBA instead.

This predates eiswein having its own pradikat so I think its use here means the grapes were auslese level ripeness before freezing.

Lots to unpack here.

There is no restriction related to botrytis in Eiswein. Granted many have preferred “clean” fruit for Eiswein, but it’s not a codified difference. I see a lot more botrytis affected eisweins these days. I am not as fond of them.

Regarding the pradikat level, Eiswein did not have formal minimum ripeness requirements until the early 1980s (I always forget if it was 1982 or 1983).

A lot of valve oil notes there. Tom - Can you describe the difference between gasoline, diesel and valve oil in riesling?

Thanks for the unpacking. The small handful of times I’ve had an eiswein they’d always seemed free of botrytis flavors.

old German R/bit valve oil

I’m trying to google that one but not having much success

I’m guessing valvoline / motor oil. Very distinct smell from gas/diesel. I remember my dad smelling like it after working on the engine of the green 1972 Dodge Coronet he had.

German Riesling “petrol” or “oil” is generally more like Jet-A to me than diesel or machine oil.

I can’t resist…

So you’re distinguishing oil from machine oil? And contrasting oil with diesel? (As fuels, those terms tend to be used interchangeable, though diesel exhaust is distinctively sulfuric.)

I need to find some oil motor oil rags.

Diesel usually has a sulfur note and gasoline/petrol is quite distinct

Having worked in what was partially a machine shop, across the street from an airport for many years, I am often precise when describing oily smells.

Well, John… you have to have been there.
I use the term “gout de petrol” and “Mosel valve oil” frequently, often together. My usage of “Mosel valve oil” is something unique to my smell library. When I was growing up (something I’ve not yet completed successfully), my older brother, in high school, used to play the trumpet. He had a little btl of a lubricant that he used to lubricate the trumpet valves. Sometimes he’d allowed me to put some on my fingertips and apply it to the valves. I loved that smell. It’s a lot like the pungent “gout de petrol” but more aromatic and high-toned. That’s the only way I can describe it.
I have a very weird olfactory library lurking inside my head.

I had a very short stint as a coronet player as a child but that actually makes perfect sense as a distinct smell that is more akin to various machine part oils or greases than a gasoline smell. And it’s not a motor oil / petrol / gasoline / diesel smell.

Your post encouraged me to open this guy tonight

Browner and more advanced than you Prüm, but shares the acidity and brown sugar elements. Definitely more WD-40 than your gout de petrol. Also, definite botrytis on the nose.

Fun but geriatric, old bones drink

This post is particularly delightful if you imagine it as a subtitled recording between a few chain smoking Japanese working in a Porsche tuning shop in Tokyo and debating the proper vintage Oil smells in proper vintage Porsches over the decades…