TN: JCCllrs Grenache VentanaVnyd '08..(short/boring)

Tried last night:

  1. JCCllrs Grenache VentanaVnyd/ArroyoSecco (15%) Oakland 2008: Very dark color w/ no bricking; very strong boysenberry/blackberry/strawberry/Syrah-like rather herbal/rosemary/pungent/peppery slight earthy complex nose; fairly tart rich boysenberry/blackberry/strawberry/Grenache some herbal/dusty/thyme light toasty/oak flavor w/ soft/ripe tannins; very long herbal/thyme/slight vegetal ripe boysenberry/strawberry/blackberry/Syrah-like light charred/toasty/oak finish w/ modest/soft/ripe tannins; a very atypical Calif Grenache w/o the high-toned note most Grenaches show; speaks strongly of Ventana/Monterey; quite an interesting/tasty Grenache a bit like a Priorat Grenache + herbal character. $35.00

No BP today.