TN: J-J Confuron NSG Aux Boudots 2006

Pulled out some 02, 05, and this 06 Burgundy for the year end. Honestly was not expecting much from this wine, but was very pleasantly surprised!!!
This bottle was beautifully balanced, somewhat elegant for an NSG 1er, had just the correct amount of acidity to provide definition, a soft tannic backbone, and a really nice long finish. Nice!!
There was dark cherry fruit, some earthiness, a touch of Vosne spice, but was still more NSG then Vosne Romanee. Over the evening it continued to open up with sweet fruit, and some floral scents. Very drinkable.
Probably at or near its peak but it will last many more years.


Sounds good Daniel. I have had only good experiences with the few Confurons that I have bought.

Also '06’s seem to be drinking well lately. Thanks for posting!