TN: Idlewild TheBee WW '17...(short/boring)

In the mood last night for nothing serious, so cracked:

  1. Idlewild TheBee Flora&Fauna White NorthCoast WW (11.6%; 2017: Med.yellow color; very fragrant floral/pear/peach/quince some spicy/cardamon light perfumed talc almost Timorasso-like lovely aromatic nose; lightly tart/tangy lightweight/bright fairly floral/spicy/cardamon/jasmine light perfumed talc flavor; ling lightly tart rather floral/cardamon/spicy/apple blossom/pear light perfumed talc finish; not a profound white but just absolutely delicious drinking at an attractive price.$25.00

A wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. No idea what varieties or in this blend. Perhaps some Arneis or Cortese but it lack the stony minerality that thos would contribute. It resembles a lightweight Gruner or Timorasso from the aromatics.

Per a recent email from Sam, 50% Muscat Canelli, 47% Arneis, 3% Cortese.