TN: I Still Hate Champagne

I don’t like champagne. Thanks to generous but misguided friends, I’ve had a chance to try many, both big and small, grower and house, in a range of settings. I’ve knocked Selosse as oxidized and left a full glass of Bollinger’s boring VV francaises. Facsimile, facschmimile. Yeah - I will pass on the Brochet. Don’t like Dom. Anyway, another misguided friend insisted I try some additional carbonated wines that I’d yet to try and sent a few exemplars. The results follow:

Cedric Bouchard 2019 Val Vilaine: wow. This is really delicious. The bubbles dissipate immediately. It’s like someone made champagne for those with an allergy to bubbles and an over-abundance of good taste. I have both and this is wonderful. Googling madly, it’s clear that the story makes sense. The winemaker also doesn’t like champagne and has found a way around it, despite geographic limitations. As it develops, this gets a very leesy character of soft cheese, which I hate and which reminds me of lesser drinks like champagne, but it’s gone by day two. We are on to something.

2017 Blanc de Noirs les Ursules: ok. This is a giant step up from the Val Vilaine. Much more depth and nuance but the same vinosity. A great red burgundy that will age with time. Clearly not champagne and not intended to be. I hope you all have enjoyed drinking these because I am now going to buy every bottle available, price notwithstanding.

Ulysse Collin Les Perrieres: finally! Back to boring old champagne. This has the undercurrent of a decent village white burgundy wrapped in an unripe, bubbly, slightly oxidative envelope. I can’t finish this and hope that it doesn’t overwhelm the mimosas that it will become.



always find bouchard to be lower pressure and i love that.

lilbert perle you’d like as well. or not, maybe.

also, champagne isn’t carbonated.

Yes, I’m aware Yaacov. There were several things in my post that were either hyperbole and/or in jest. I appreciate you missing one and pointing it out though. Welcome to the internet! You’re gonna fit in just fine!

You mean to say you get no kick from Champagne?

That mere type of alcohol doesn’t thrill you at all?

That’s OK, we get a kick out of you! champagne.gif

Thanks for the cool tasting notes, those two wines are new to me.


Anton I can’t tell what parts of your post are serious and what parts are in jest. This must be what it feels like to be Yaacov.

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older champagne tends to be much less fizzy as well, taking on white burgundy-like characteristics. you might enjoy those.

some folks decant champagne as well.

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I have tried to get my wife into Champagne but everything I serve her she still goes back to Roederer Anderson Valley Sparkler and says it is better. Works for me as it is a lot less expensive.

Yes, I’m aware Yaacov. There were several things in my post that are intended to reflect a portion of my experience rather than all. I appreciate you champagnesplaining though. Welcome to the internet! You’re gonna fit in just fine!

P.S. - you would also probably enjoy chardonnay dominated or blanc-de-blanc (“white from white”) as they can be on the richer side which i’ve found can richness out the bubbles for attention.

I’m with you. Very rarely has champagne done it for me.

Now, my population is small just because I stay away.

That being said a 2008 Dom on New Years was pretty dam good (graciously poured by a friend). I mean the nose alone was wild going from Melon to Cheese and back to Melon. Can still smell it. But not good enough to make me want to rush out and start drinking a bunch of champagne. I’ll drink the Dom again if offered but I’d rather spend my money on a good red. And an occasional white burg

I’m dumbfounded by this thread. Not liking champagne is akin to not liking pizza. The logic just doesn’t compute in my head how it’s possible.


Your misguided friend has good taste.

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From what I understand, Bouchard considers himself to be a Burgundy vigneron stuck in Champagne, and considers the bubbles to be a distraction.

Yep. Which is honestly pretty weird. But I do love his wines a whole lot. One of the instances where the hype is justified and then some.

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Yes, I’m aware Yaacov. I’ve enjoyed Chardonnay both dominated and subservient. As I said I have generous and misguided friends.

I apologize.

Your post reminded me of an old Fred Astaire (or Frank Sinatra) song, so I sort of mashed the lyrics to match your thread title.

I meant it all in complimentary fashion, I appreciated you teaching me about wines I have never encountered before.

Early POTY front-runner? (And I like Champagne)

Hard to imagine two things more categorically different than champagne and pizza. It would have been more effective if you’d said caviar.

We drank '17 base Ulysse Collin Maillons and '04 Bollinger R.D. at Chris Bianco’s new LA pizzeria. They work together like Fred and Ginger.

Great, guy who despises Champagne develops a taste for Bouchard.

Your suggestion doesn’t really make sense to me. In my books the higher the proportion of Chardonnay is, the lighter and more delicate the style is. Most (but def not all) Blancs de Blancs are crisp, light and mineral in style. There certainly are some weightier, rich Blancs de Blancs, but they are pretty rare (and if these producers make Blanc de Noirs wines, they tend to have more weight and richness).

If one wants for richness, I’d steer away from most BdBs and go for Blanc de Noirs instead, because those tend to be weightier and on the rich side of things. Pinot Noir-dominated, if one prefers power and spice; Meunier-dominated, if one prefers fruit and softer expression.

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