TN: Heidsieck Monopole Blue Top

Purchased on sale for 12.5GBP at Tesco.

Had over the weekend with some duck liver pate, lightly toasted sourdough bread, strawberries and grapes.

Fairly representative of bulk champagne. Yeasty, slightly toasted nose, notable honey+green apple component, but nothing too overwhelming or complex. In my mizzle, it shows decent acid and good grip, but lacking…something. Finish is also a bit underwhelming, with a distinct sour note on the back end.

I dunno. I was hoping to go back for cases at this price, but this was an 85-87pt bottle for me. The other bottle I have will likely be used for Mimosas.

Certainly not bad, and good for toasts, but for ‘serious’ drinking, it falls a bit short for me.

Your milage may vary.


I think you nailed this wine pretty good. There is some bottle variation (not surprising considering the production) as some wines don’t have the sour notes, but this is a rather simple wine that shows lots of sweet apple/citrus notes. It does seem to work well with folks who aren’t big into wine and rarely drink Champagne or other sparkling wines.

Thanks, Brad.

I was pretty excited to try this guy, as it has been quite a few years since my last tasting, and the notes on CT are glowing, given the price (lots of 90-91 pt scores). I guess bottle variation may be to blame, but this is just one more in a string of experiences that suggests I would be better off sticking to farmer fizz.

Not bad, but not the least bit memorable.

Chris, I have been trying a lot of these supermarket Champagnes of late as well, due to the steep mark downs. Heidsieck wasn’t amongst them but I could have used this exact note to describe every last one of the wines I did try. I am still holding out hope to find farmer fizz discounted before the holiday season is over.

[quote=“Chris Doty”]Purchased on sale for 12.5GBP at Tesco.

Certainly not bad, and good for toasts, but for ‘serious’ drinking, it falls a bit short for me.

Yes I think this Champagne is good for toasts, and for the people who say “I don’t like Champagne” blahblah
It is good guzzling Fizz, but I would also age it 1-2 years before drinking - I’ve had a few bottles particularly when it was available under $20 USD never had the sour taste on the admittedly short finish.

I’d also love to find some Farmer Fizz deals!