TN: Ghiga Favorita Langhe '17...(short/boring)

Tried this dog last night:

  1. Az.Agri. Ghiga Dd’OC: Langhe Favorita (12%; EB; Imprtd: FR Developments/ElPaso) Ghiga Enrico/Castiglione Tinella 2017: Pale yellow color; some large bubbles w/ lots of pinpoint/tiny bubbles that makes the wine look cloudy and makes a mesmerizing swirl on the surface of the wine that persists for several minutes; very strange; pale yellow color; very vapid light floral/stony/7Up quite light nose; lots of CO2/fizzy/prickly very light floral/stony/chalky little fruit utterly vapid flavor; very short CO2/prickly/fizzy light floral/carnations vapid finish; the dullest/most vapid/watery Langhe Bianco I’ve ever experiennced; no Vermentino character whatsever; woof/woof. $16.50 (KK)

A wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. This was a new producer for me. From a new importer in ElPaso. Not likely to try either one again. There had clearly been a lot of monkeying around of this wine with CO2. It could not save this wine nor add any redeeming character to it. Gawd only knows what it was like before the CO2 additions.
    Favorita is the Langhe name for Vermentino. No Vermentino character whatsoever.

After a thorough trashing of this wine in my TN, when I stopped into KoKo ystrday, I registered my disgust for this wine. Marco registered his surprise and suggested I may have gotten a “bad” btl. He noted my usual eye roll at this suggestion, so grabbed a btl from the shelf and stuck it in the chiller to try. When he poured it into my glass, there were no signs of all those tiny bubbles swirling about. No signs of CO2 on the palate. It spoke quietly of Vermentino, but was not at all vapid and flavorless. Nothing profound, but not at all like my first btl.
So now you know.