TN- Frogs Leap Chardonnay Slate and Stone 2018- Mislabeled?!

OK, so this is a bit of a click-bait title. But…I am only half kidding when I say that this bottle was mislabeled at the winery; it tastes like pure Sauvignon Blanc. The nose is all grapefruit, peach, passionfruit, melon, lemon, green peppers, and slate. It’s actually quite nice as a wine, but I have never had a Chardonnay that tastes like this- New World or Old World. American law says that a varietally labelled wine need only contain 75% of the grape listed on the label; I would be a shocked if this wine did not contain a good amount of Sauv Blanc. It’s actually quite an interesting lesson in blending, the assertiveness of Sauv Blanc, and the “neutrality” of Chardonnay.

Are there any other Berserkers that have had this wine? A couple other CT reviews mention the wine tastes like SB; very curious if others have had this experience.

Hey Noah,

I can assure you it’s 100% Chardonnay! Actually single vineyard Chardonnay from one block at the Truchard vineyard in Carneros. Our handling of the wine is somewhat unique: settle in SS tank, 5 days of barrel fermentation in new oak, then the majority is sent down to a single large SS-lined concrete tank for 9 months; no rackings and usually no sulfur until bottling. So technique is possibly driving the notes you’re getting, but definitely no SB in the wine.



I really like this wine. We’ve gone through multiple bottles at the house. No bottles ever hinted at SB to Kate or I (and my wife detests SB like some people hate cilantro).

Odd- WB posted me as “guest” but that is my note above.

Interesting, and now I’m curious to try it… I assume this is the SHALE and stone cuvée, not slate? And now that mystery guest reveals himself to be 4th dimensional time traveler hardy wallace, I’m even more intrigued!

Sounds better than most Napa Chardonnay to me.

I’m one of the CT reviewers who posted a note. Agree this was quite different than any chard I can recall, but I got more of a floral note than sauv blanc - ala viognier. Either way, typical or not, it was really good.

Hi Rory- Thanks for the response! In my mind, I totally believe you, but my taste buds can’t help but taste Sauvignon Blanc! I’m not the only one who feels this way, since a few other posters on Cellar Tracker wrote the same thing. Any idea what drives this characteristic? I’ve had plenty of stainless steel aged Chardonnays, and while they are certainly different than oak aged wines, they don’t taste like Sauv Blanc to me. Pyrazines from grapes harvested on the early side, influence of the unusual stony soil, total lack of oak, something else?! I’m very intrigued! Also, some of the SB characteristics faded a bit on day two under the Vacu Vin. Thanks again,